Entrepreneurial Grandparents that work from where ever we wish whilst we spend as much time as we want with our Grandchildren & children.

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About Ron & Rhonda

We are a typical Husband and Wife, Mum & Dad of two grown up children & now Granny & Pa to their children and we work from home developing our online business.

We have never been afraid of hard work. Some examples of our work ethic are. We had a goal to extend our home, and we created 8 different income streams. The trouble with that was that they all required time from us. We were trading hours for dollars. It was hectic, 2 people working 8 different ways. On another occasion we purchased a corner store with a hot food kitchen. We were our own worst enemies. We made our product better & better, which made more & more work for ourselves. A tiny little shop, no bigger than a 1 bedroom apartment selling 600 kilos (over 1300 pounds) of hot chips a week & 300 burgers every week.

Ron and Rhonda