“I’ll Start Again in the New Year.” said no Successful Person ever.🤔


“I’ll start again in the new year.” said no successful person eveeer.😏

Why wait till 2021 to start again, set the wheels in motion and close out 2020 on a high, its been a rough year…

We all deserve a better in 2021!!!

We all have goals and dreams that are so important to us, why do we continue to delay our success❓

Maybe that goal is to better your families financial situation, or to better your health, lose weight, detox toxic habits in your life..

The sooner you start again, the sooner you can get closer to your goals.✅




Be obsessed with the action, not the result.

Be proud of yourself for showing up!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Stop being a professional time waster and procrastinator…🤔

We’ve wasted enough time, right! #Beentheredonethat 🙄

Staying consistent daily is wayyy easier, no matter how small the action steps are.🔥

Small steps consistently are always better in the long run than taking unnecessary long breaks on your goals.

I encourage you to sooner rather than later…start now, .🕺

Get a head of the crowd. Don’t wait till 2021 to get started on those goals. You will feel more accomplished knowing that you didn’t wait.👊

If 2020 has dealt you some set backs and thrown a spanner 🔧 in the works of you reaching your goals and you’ve made the decision to take your life and your families future into your own hands perhaps we can help you get started.

We have a simple low cost start up opportunity that will make a difference to your life and well-being.



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If You look like an Amateur, You are an Amateur!


If You look like an Amateur, You are an Amateur!

If there is one thing we have learned during our time as  entrepreneurs, there are a lot of amateurs out there and we are by no means gurus.  Naturally we all have to start somewhere, so what do I mean by this?
Being an amateur, is a natural process when starting your own business, or pursuing any new venture in life. We learn the ropes in the beginning, and then we perfect our skills or trade and then become a professional in our field.
But what I’m talking about here is the entrepreneur mindset that separates success from failure. It is estimated that 8-9 out of ten start up businesses fail within the first 1-3 years, so why is this? 💥Is it a lack of funds, 💥lack of knowledge, 💥poor planning, well it could be any one of or all of these, but what is primarily seen is the mindset of the entrepreneur. If you are a “dabbler” and not fully committed about what you are doing, you can almost be guaranteed you will fail.

The professional goes into their new venture or pursuit at full speed, they don’t consider it a hobby. It is their passion, it is their life, they can see themselves doing nothing else. They already have a plan for the next 5-10 years for their business. The amateur pursues their newfound business, not for passion, but for money or just to fill their time, or something to do AND that is exactly what it sounds and looks like – a hobby.

Can you imagine an aspiring Athlete dabbling in their sport? It just doesn’t happen. They love what they do, they know there time is now they have to give everything they have in order to be successful. Now just being dedicated or passionate about what you do does not guarantee success, but it sure helps. We will discuss some of the other factors you need to be successful later.
The first thing you need to ask yourself is why are you pursuing what ever it is your pursuing?

Is it for money💵?

💥Is it because you have a true passion for a specific type of business?

💥Maybe you want to help others to be successful!

If you are doing it for money and looking at people as if they have big 💲💲signs on there forehead you need to come up with another business idea, period. You can pick these kind of people a mile away. As soon as they open their mouth they are trying to sell something instead of listening and understanding what peoples needs are, so you see to be successful you first have to listen to what peoples needs are and secondly you need to have a solution to their problem. I have turned away  potential clients because they simply didn’t need my products, or they did not fit the criteria at that time. Did it hurt my bottom line and my earning potential? You bet it did, but it is the right thing to do. Many of these people referred me on to their friends and family, because I gave it to them straight.
Honesty goes a long way to being successful, having a lot of money and being a dirt-bag is not the key to happiness. When you do things the right way, you never have to look over your shoulder and your friends, well, they are your friends, not because they look at you as a money source.
So simply, you need to be passionate about your business, without this element you are nothing, but another salesman! Ok, I need to clarify, this is  important in anything you do, to be passionate about it. We have all worked for someone else doing something we were really not passionate about. That is a J.O.B, not a business.